ahmadinejad Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of Iran

email Mahmoud:  web form (seems to work but not always)

Comments:  Mahmoud says he'll use nukes for peaceful purposes only.  Yeah right... (LMF)

kim Kim Jong-Il, Supreme Leader, North Korea

We couldn't find a contact page for Jong, but you can try writing to him at korea@korea-dpr.com.  :-)

Comments:  North Korea is actually named "The Democratic People's Republic of Korea".  What a joke. . . democratic?  republic?

chavez Hugo Chávez, President of Venezuela

Like so many other oppressive dictators, he takes his people's money, spends it on himself, and then tells them he spent it on protecting them from the big bad USA.   email Hugo

Comments:  To the left is our favorite photo of Hugo.  If you know Carlos Mencia, then you know the look... deet-a-deet!